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rosalila is community based, non profit and recognized as a charitable organization by the tax office of Neubrandenburg. We are mainly financed by contributions and donations as well as grants for the community based projects and offers.

The work of the association can be promoted as a whole; but also parts, such as the offers of the counseling center or the library. The association is entitled to issue donations for the tax office.

rosalila i has been awarded the "recognition as a association of free youth welfare“ by the city of Neubrandenburg. The state youth authority certified the recognition in spring 1999. We are therefore also recognised for the district of Mecklenburg Lake District.

Volunteering in our projects is possible as well as a guided work experience.

We are entitled to issue a donation receipt.

Contact for questions about volunteering as well as donations and support please see the contact


The association receives support in the form of project funding from:

-Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Ministry of Social Affairs, Integration and Gender Equality,

-Landkreis Mecklenburg Lake District / Youth Office,

-LV Soziokultur Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.

-LSVD Queer Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. Network for LSBTIQ* association, groups and single persons in Mecklenburg Vorpommern

rosalila is supported by Hannchen-Mehrzweick Stiftung ( and Homosexuelle Selbsthilfe e.V. 


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The library of  rosalila is located in Neubrandenburg in the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte is a sociocultural rarity in Germany.

Over the decades, the stock has been expanded to include nearly 10,000 media, including approximately 3.000 reference books, some pedagogical DVDs / CDs and several hundred brochures and magazines.

Over time, we were able to register all the books, so that an overview is available online and via a library program. The aim is to network with other similar book collections in the country.

The following offers are available:

- on-site access and rental during the consultation times and beyond on agreement,

- catalog on site and on the internet,

- Events, such as readings.

Excerpt of the library regulations:

The fee per book is € 0.50 for adolescents up to the age of 18 and € 1.00 for adults from the age of 19. The loan is possible for four weeks.

Address and name are recorded on a usage card. If the books are not returned, legal action may be taken.

The library of the is located in our premises on the the 6th floor of the office building PHÖNIXEUM in the Feldstraße 3. You can reach it through the bus line 8 or 4, bus stop Woldegker Straße. By car from the direction of highway A20 /Oststadt.

The library is open during opening times or based on appointments.

Unser Onlinekatalog ist zu finden unter:


funded by Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Stiftung:


Our consultants help:

- People who have problems being bi, homosexual, a_sexuel, trans* or inter*

- adolescents who have problems orientating themselves with their sexuality/gender or seeking help with coming out,

-Parents, relatives, friends or colleagues of LGBTI*AQ in collaboration with other institutions:

- regarding HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases

- same-sex couples or families in conflict situations

- with questions about sexual identity

- with an initial interview and assistance in finding further help.


Our personal consultation times:

*Tuesday  2 pm-4 pm
Wednesday  2 pm - 4 pm

9 am-12 am
3 pm - 5 pm

*please call or write for an appointment


Additionally, advice can also be arranged by appointment. It is possible to receive advice by phone, face-to-face and mail.

Number consultants 03955442077


In our first consultation the issue and the next steps will be discussed.

We are a team of  social workers. We consult confidentially, anonymously and client-centered. We work together with other counseling centers in Neubrandenburg, in the district and in the state of MV.


We are:

Iris Arndt, Diploma Social Worker (university of applied science) and sex educator. Ms. Arndt is available Thursdays between 9 am and 12am at our help desk. On Tuesdays theres a possibility to arrange appointments in the afternoon.

André Sandmann, Diploma Social Worker (university of applied science). Mr. Sandmann is responsible for coordination of responsibilities of the team and supports the volunteers. He is responsible to accompany trainees. Furthermore his area of responsibility is to consult and

accompany multipliers. Additionally he is a cooperation partner for sexual consulting and qualification.

Martin Schindel, Bachelor of Social Work. Mr. Schindel is available Thursdays between 3 pm and  5 pm at our help desk. On Mondays there is a possibility to arrange appointments.

Furthermore there are cooperation partners which offer consultation independently. Trainees and volunteers offer first support. The consultancy is located in the 6th floor of the office building PHÖNIXEUM in the Feldstraße 3. You can reach it with the bus line 8 or 4, bus stop Woldegker Straße. By car from the direction of highway A20 /Oststadt.




rosalila Beratung & Bildung gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

in the office building PHÖNIXEUM, 6. floor (elevator available)

Feldstraße 3

17033 Neubrandenburg, Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Phone: 0395 37937815




please send mails to:



Gefördert von der Homosexuellen Selbsthilfe e.V.