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The Union

Our club has not been one right from the beginning. It started with the meeting of three people in the socio-cultural education center. The result was first the ROSA-LILA Café, which gave it a few years as a meeting place for lesbians, gays and friends.

Since we were approached, whether we offer information events and also help with advice, later with the time cultural offerings, such as book rental and movies in LATCHT (then still in the old KOSMOS building) came to, the activities were more extensive.

Our offers today, have developed over years and have been continuously developed and expanded. The focus is on consulting, education and the library. Our offer includes social offers and youth welfare offers, which are professionally organized. Furthermore, there are sociocultural offers, such as an extensive library. There are events, such as readings or thematic events.

The representation of interests is important to us. That's why we work in associations and working groups. We are member in the LSVD federation and in the LAG socioculture of the country. There is a cooperation agreement with the LSVD state association MV. We participate with representatives in the social and political life of the region.

We do not consider lesbian or gay being a problem. However, assume that lesbians, gays, other seekers can have problems in special circumstances. Here we want to help with advice and professional help. We also want to advise and educate people who have questions and concerns in their work or in their family.

The INITIATIVE ROSA-LILA is an association within the meaning of §§ 21 and 54 BGB. Founded in 1993 by an initiative of and for individual lesbians, gays and friends in Neubrandenburg. The purpose of the association is above all the promotion of education, youth welfare, culture, health protection, welfare.
The club has a statute. In this the basics of the association are recorded. The change is reserved to the general meeting. It makes important decisions at the request of the members and the board, e.g. through memberships in other associations, receives reports, elects board members, decides to include and exclude sponsorship members, and adopts the club budget and approves the financial statements. There are also, according to the statute, the possibility of a "library membership".

The board regulates all tasks not reserved for the general assembly. There is a managing board member for the implementation of the current business. The statutes regulate its tasks, its choice and its powers.
Since 2001 we have been a member of the state working group SOZIOKULTUR Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V., since 2005 homosexual self-help e.V. and since 1.4. 2011 in the Federal Association of the LSVD e.V.




Our consultants help:

  • People who have problems with their bi, homosexual or other sexuality
  • adolescents who have orientation problems with their sexuality and / or seek help with their coming out,
  • Parents, relatives, friends, colleagues of lesbians, gays, bisexuals

in collaboration with other carriers:

  • on HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases
  • same-sex couples in conflict situations

with a first interview and assistance in finding further help.

Our consultation times:

  • Tuesday 9-12 o'clock
  • Wednesday 15-17 clock
  • Thursday 9-12 o'clock
  • Every 1st Monday of the month from 2 to 4 pm
  • Every 1st Saturday of the month 10-12 o'clock

In addition, advice can also be arranged by appointment. It is possible to use advice by phone and mail. In a first conversation the concern and the further procedure are discussed.
We are a team of diploma social pedagogues. We advise confidentially, anonymously, and clients centered. We work together with other counseling centers in Neubrandenburg, in the district and in the state of MV.

We are:

  • Iris Arndt, certified social worker / social worker (FH) and sex educator Ms. Arndt can be reached on Thursday from 9 to 12 o'clock in the advice center. Appointments can be arranged for Tuesday afternoon
  • André Sandmann, Social Worker / Social Worker (FH) Mr. Sandmann is responsible for coordinating the work of the team and supporting volunteer work. He is responsible for the accompaniment of interns. Otherwise, his area of ​​responsibility lies in advising and supervising multipliers. Furthermore, he is a cooperation partner in sex education counseling and qualification.

Contact: If you are interested or have questions, you can contact us personally during the consultation hours or send an email, INITIATIVE ROSA-LILA, Tilly-Schanzen-Strasse 17, 17033 Neubrandenburg, room 401/402. Accessible by bus 8 or 4, stop Woldegker Straße or by car direction A 20 / Oststadt or coming from there.



The library of the INITIATIVE ROSA-LILA from Neubrandenburg in the Mecklenburg Lake District is a socio-cultural rarity in Germany.

Over the decades, the stock has expanded to include nearly 10,000 media, including approximately 8,300 books, some DVD / CD and several hundred brochures and magazines. The library has always been part of our meeting and counseling center. Almost 400 members have and have the library so far. In addition, of course, our own use for advice, education and other offers.

Over time, we were able to capture all the books, so that they can be viewed on-line and on the Internet via a library program. The aim is to network with other similar book collections in the country.

The following offers are available:
- on-site use and loan at the consultation times and beyond on agreement,
- catalog on site and on the internet,
- Events, such as readings.

Excerpt from the library regulations:
The contribution per book is € 0.50 for adolescents up to the age of 18 and € 1.00 for adults from the age of 19. The loan is possible for four weeks.
Address and name are recorded on a usage map. If the books are not returned, legal action may be taken.

The library of the INITIATIVE ROSA-LILA is located in room 404 of the office building Tilly-Schanzen-Straße 17 in Neubrandenburg.
Accessible by bus 8 or 4, stop Woldegker Straße or by car in direction A 20 / Oststadt or coming from there.

Die Onlinebibliothek



This includes the following offers and topics:

  1. Sexual education services for young people
  2. Sexual education offers for adults

Who are we?
We are a team of full-time and volunteer educators
We clarify on the following topics:
-Sexual and gender identities and sexual orientation
- "Heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality - What is that? What has that got to do with me?"

What do we want?
Not everyone or everyone finds it easy to talk openly about sexual issues with young people. This also includes allowing questions about one's own sexuality. It becomes more difficult when adolescents address homosexuality. Therefore, we offer young people to come to us to talk about sexual diversity in an open atmosphere.

What are we working with?
We use the following methods: questionnaires, round tables, role-playing games, videos, information materials, etc.
It is possible to get to know the library for gay and lesbian literature, literature on HIV / AIDS and literature on sexuality with about 10,000 media. These can be borrowed or viewed.

Who do we want to address?
Our offer is aimed at young people and young adults in schools and youth facilities.

What can you do?
Call us at least 8 weeks before the desired event. We will then have a preparatory talk with you. The conversation could be about the group situation, the organization of the event and your questions.

Where are events possible?
With appropriate conditions (suitable space and travel expenses reimbursement), these can also take place on site at you / you.

For young people from the district Mecklenburgische Seenplatte we take each participant 2 € contribution + travel expenses share.
For events in other districts, we charge a contribution of € 5 per participant + travel expenses.
Special agreements can be discussed.



André Sandmann

Tilly-Schanzen-Straße 17

17033 Neubrandenburg

Telefon/Telefax: +49 395 5442077